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English name for the laptop NoteBook, commonly known as notebook computers. portable, laptop, notebook computer, referred to as the NB, also known as laptop computers or laptop computers (notebook computers called RTHK 1), is a small, portable personal computer, usually weight 1-3 kg. The trend is smaller and smaller, more light weight, and functions have become more powerful. Like Netbook, which is commonly known as the Internet, with the main difference is its PC will be easy to carry.
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Tablet PC Motherboard:
Compared with desktop and notebook computers have a similar structure and composition (monitor, keyboard / mouse, CPU, memory and hard drive), but the advantage of Tablet PC is still very obvious, the main advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry . In general, the portability of notebook computers with respect to the maximum advantage of the desktop.
General laptop weighs only 2 kg, either go out to work or travel, can carry very convenient.
Thin and light is a topical (March 2011) Tablet PC's main development direction, but this did not affect the improvement of its performance and features rich. At the same time, its portability and backup power to make mobile office possible.
Because of these advantages exist, notebook computers are respected by the users, the rapid expansion of market capacity.
Different people for different laptop models, usually, firms will divide their products to meet different types of user needs.
 From the use of point of view, notebook computer can generally be divided into 4 categories: business type, fashion-based, multimedia applications, special purpose. The characteristics of business notebooks are generally highly mobile, long battery life; fashion model looks specifically for business use are also trendy notebooks; multimedia-based laptop is combined with powerful graphics and multimedia processing capabilities and both must mobility of the complex, common market, an independent multimedia notebook computers more advanced graphics, larger screen and other features; special-purpose laptop is to serve professionals in the heat, cold, low air pressure, war
for use in harsh environments such as aircraft, more than cumbersome.
Tablet composition:
Tablet PC protective body shell as the most direct way, but also affect the thermal effect, "weight", an important factor in aesthetics.
Tablet PC shell of common materials are: alloy case with aluminum-magnesium alloy and titanium alloy, plastic shell with carbon fiber, polycarbonate PC, and ABS engineering plastics.
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