PCB copy board case - colorimeter

 Tang has had more than 30 years of excellent soft, hardware work experience engineers, according to customer demand, to provide two-sided, multi-layer board, high-frequency board ( including computer motherboards, mobile phone board) the board of PCB copy board and design; design; PCB LAYOUT; prototype production / debugging; the finished batch processing service.
 Product introduction:
  Apparatus for measuring display:Measurement of absolute value
 1, the color of objects ( CIE: X, Y, Z three stimulus value, Yxy color value, L * a * b * color space, the Lab color space );
2, measurement of object color: ( delta E, Delta L, Delta a, delta B );
3, measurement of whiteness ( W: this instrument has the current domestic industry whiteness formula, is the current domestic express whiteness formula most instruments, including blue white R457, Hunter white, Ganz whiteness, building materials, whiteness whiteness of white cement, ceramics for daily use brightness );
In 4, the Huang Du coefficient Yi;In 5, C and H color hue angle;
6, textile color fastness and color fastness of sticky SSR GS.
In 7, the ratio of measurement range of an instrument: sheet metal, paper, cloth, ceramics, plastics and other certain plane ( > 15mm DAL ) of the solid sample; calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, diatomite, kaolin, bentonite, cement, titanium white powder, fluorescent powder, flour, salt, washing powder, calcium powder all kinds of powder sample; paint, paint various can spray liquid sample.
  Technical index:
  Lighting conditions: 0 / D, D65 standard source standard observer: 10 degrees field of view the instrument resolution: X, y + 0.0001, + 0.01 and otherMeasurement accuracy: Delta Y = 1.5, delta x, delta y = 0.015Stability of instrument: less than 0.2 ( 1 hours)Repeatability of measurement: Delta X, Delta Y Delta Z = 0.2, E < 0.15Power supply: Power: AC220V 30W instrument dimensions: length 29.3cmX width 28cmX high 11.3cm
Characteristics of the instrument:
In 1, large screen liquid crystal display, convenient measurement results of the observation, different measurement results can flip view;
2 Chinese, Chinese characters and graphic interface, so you use more simple and quick;
3, color space representation of whiteness, beneficial to your whiteness and color analysis. The Chinese with the graphical user interface and humanized design concept, is more convenient for you to easily use. The accuracy of surveying data and the stability of the instrument will make you on the measurement results. When you actually use, will definitely make you feel good value for money. The number of products brand n CTK model ADCI-60-C display range of color, color difference value of the absolute value of a light source such as a D65 measured at time 1 ( s ) at least 0.1 ( s ) of measuring distance measuring diameter by 15 ( mm ) power supply voltage ( V 220 ) dimension 293X280X113 ( mm ) 7500 ( g ) weight range of various solid, sheet metal, paper, cloth, powder, paint, paint and other packing number 1.
  Note: we can according to customer demand for personalized, color difference meter components in position, to distribution lines, to meet customer expectations effect. Welcome all friends to discuss cooperation matters!