High precision electronic printed circuit board design copy

   The science and technology as a 10 year experience in PCB printed circuit board company, has more than once in the PCB design, complex electronic R & D Engineer for many years, the multilayer PCB board, electronic components, high and low frequency digital and analog circuit is extremely detailed and thorough understanding, can provide our clients with multidetector PCB copy plate, light painting output, BOM ( component ) production, schematic backstepping and other services. With our chip decryption, PCB SMT production, semi-finished and finished product processing, customers can provide peace of mind of the one-stop service.
  With the rapid development of precision machining technology of PCB, PCB substrate design continuously in a multilayer micro linewidth, fine pitch, microporous, blind buried hole direction, many high frequency communications products PCB substrate also designed strict impedance, large printing, printing capacitance inductance. Of such high-end PCB board structure and routing rules, our engineering and technical personnel thorough understanding. Both intensive components, such as around the microstrip line, long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network device substrate, or on the high-frequency processing demanding, electromagnetic compatibility, impedance control strictly, mobile phone, PHS motherboard motherboard wireless LAN Wireless Communications equipment, as well as the stack up to 30 layers, blind buried hole. IPC motherboards, we can provide the basis for a good model ( or prototype ) one-time cloning success.
  Cloning of an outstanding electronic products, electronic components of the model, parameter confirmation is often the key, often determines whether the products can finally realize the completely independent production. With the rapid development of electronic industry, electronic products tend to be highly integrated, miniaturized, electronic components have been tending to micro power consumption, micro encapsulation, precision parameters. Some components due to package miniaturization, their models are often reduced to a few characters and even special code printed on the chip back, let a person wants to know its models where to start. Our engineers have extremely rich electronic element testing, selection experience, through the data query, circuit analysis way, can quickly and accurately confirm the components of the model and parameters, and sorted out the specification, detailed and can be directly and component vendors AC BOM ( list ), for customers to save a lot of manpower and cost, greatly accelerate the product production process.
  Schematic diagram of the product debugging, repair and improvement process plays an indispensable role, I Division Based on prototype backstepping principle diagram, and PCB made strict network proofreading, picture element position number, model, network of a complete and clear easy to check, and the use of" functional modules related components the relative concentration of"" modular" rendering, its readability and comparable to design artwork. Reading I provided by the division of schematics, customers can easily grasp the design thinking, capture certain high-end design flash point, for its own use, can be easily integrated into their own unique design, developed a more high-end products.
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