Phone board copy board,blind and buried vias the multilayer copy board

 Phone board copy board, the general characteristics of difficulties: the odd shape causes the layout has been largely restricted area of RF, the layout of the RF module as a whole into the baseband chip below, lead to the punch of the baseband chip is considerably limited, ultra-thin mobile phone solutions allowThe plate thickness is limited. Tang pcb copy board team of engineers is not regarded as difficult to copy board engineers will provide a variety of options to choose from, to determine the appropriate design parameters, the RF experts to participate in the PCB design, rigorous design process to ensure high-quality completion. At present the strength of the mobile phone the multilayer copy board are to maintain its leading position in the industry.

    Phone board copy board Tang pcb copy board one of the important business of many years of success for the major well-known manufacturers of the global mobile phone board copy board numerous partners around the world. Corporate reputation, product quality, exquisite technology and rich experience of the copy board team of engineers for many large manufacturers have come here especially.

   External to undertake all kinds of mobile phone boards Tang is now China's largest mobile phone board copy board business copy board cloning business, no matter what type of phone board, you only need to provide a model Division I can be based on a model PCB files, BOM list, the principle of Figure all cloned.