Multifunctional ventilator copy board

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Multifunctional ventilator features:
● covers the entire age range of patients.
● Pneumatic electric control, fully functional, there are constant volume, constant pressure, pressure support ventilation.
● multi-microprocessor control, high reliability.
● monitoring pressure and ventilation conditions.
● operation prompt, easy to use.
● A variety of alarm, safe.
Multifunctional ventilator technical indicators
1. Ventilatory frequency IPPV: 5 ~ 60bpm SIMV: 1 ~ 12bpm 2. Suction flow
Infant: 4 ~ 24 L / min (continuous)
Adults: 10 to 120 L / min (inspiratory phase)
3. Inspiratory time of 0.2 to 3 seconds
4 breath-hold time of 0 to 2 seconds [IPPV (VC), SIMV have this feature] 5 peak pressure 1 ~ 9kPa
6. Inspired oxygen concentration 21 ~ 100% O2
7.PEEP/CPAP 0 ~ 1.5kPa
8 support pressure 0 ~ 3.5kPa
9. Trigger sensitivity -0.1 ~-1.0kPa
10 ventilation
Adult: IPPV (VC), IPPV (PC), SIMV, SIMV + PSV, CPAP, PSV baby: IPPV (PC), IMV, CPAP continuous flow, pressure limited, time switching first-aid: IPPV

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