CCL in the application PCB copy board

 CCL is currently in the industry to address the IC package substrate materials with a thin heat warpage big problem, as the current is an important issue. The solution to this problem is often to reduce the substrate from the start of the thermal expansion coefficient. In recent years, CCL manufacturers to achieve the low CTE substrate material of the purpose, usually filled with high amount of added inorganic filler means.
 And the choice of this approach to solve the substrate thermal expansion coefficient of the problem, often bringing the system out of the substrate in the drilling of the lower.
The Hitachi Chemical Company IC Package Substrates Materials - MCL-EGT's developer has chosen another way to solve the lower CTE, which is primarily a breakthrough performance from the resin, to obtain a low CTE of the substrate material to address the board warpage big problem. They broke the PCB industry in general used to increase the amount of filler filling approach, unique innovative.
 Hitachi Chemical Company of this substrate material (MC LE-GT) come in 200 years. Because of its outstanding performance, won the Japan 200 years, "the first session of the JPCA Award." Is worth noting that MCL-E-GT development of the main resin, with a low thermal expansion coefficient selected characteristics of polycyclic aromatic epoxy resin.
I studied a number of Hitachi Chemical recently published literature concluded that, in their use of polycyclic aromatic type epoxy resin, including the HP-02 copy board series resins.