Graphic shift in the impact of PCB copy board

  Pattern transfer process is mainly cleaning PCB equipment caused by poor maintenance and development, a variety of reasons: brush brush roller trigger stick contaminated plastic water stains, dry air knife drying section of the fan organs, there is oil dust, etc., film or printing plate surface before the dust properly, developing machines developing without a net, developing bad after washing, silicone defoamer pollution board and so on. Plating pre-treatment, because both the acid addition to oil, micro-etching, prepreg, the main component has a sulfuric acid bath, the water hardness is high, there will be cloudy, polluted board; another part of the plastic bag hanging bad company , a long time will find the plastic bag the night in the tank solution-diffusion, pollution bath; these non-conductive particles adsorbed on the plate surface for subsequent electroplating may have resulted in varying degrees of plating pits. Copper plating tank itself may be the following:
  (1) drum trachea deviated from its original location, the air uniform mixing;
  (2) filter pump leak fluid into the mouth or trachea near the drum inhale air, resulting in crushing of the air bubbles adsorbed on the board or the line side, especially the horizontal line side, line the corner;) There may be another point is the use of low-grade wicks, treatment is not complete, copy board used in the manufacture of cotton-core anti-static treatment agent contamination bath, resulting in leakage of plating, this can increase gas drum, the liquid foam in a timely manner to clean, cotton core with acid immersion and other processing.
  PCB board color white or uneven color
  This is mainly light dose or maintenance problems, and sometimes may also be slightly acidic degreasing and corrosion problems after cleaning. Copper polishes disorders, organic pollution is serious, bath temperature is too high can cause. Acidic degreasing cleaning is generally not a problem, but the case of acidic pH of the water quality and more especially the recycling of organic matter washed, the may cause poor cleaning, micro-micro-pitting corrosion mainly consider inequality copy board micro-corrosion agent content too low, micro-etching high copper content within the liquid, low temperature bath, can also cause uneven board micro-erosion; In addition, clean water, poor water quality, acid wash a little longer or prepregs pollution, processing board may be slightly oxidized in the copper plating tank, because of the acid oxidation and plates are charged into the tank, it is difficult to remove oxides, can also cause uneven color board; another copy contacts to the anode board bags, conductive anode uneven, anode passivation, etc. can also cause such defects.