AVR ICE+ISP-C Emulator and programming manual

  Welcome to use the AVR ICE + ISP-C simulation programming AVR microcontroller and AT89S series download programming function, which combines Atmel's AVR microcontroller Mega series JTAG emulator, you develop the AVR MCU indispensable good helper. AVRICE + ISP-C using the computer serial port (RS232) connection with the emulator. Another AVRICE + ISP-U use the USB port emulator connection can be used in notebook computers and other serial devices occasions.
Open the packaging in the box with the following items
1, the JTAGICE host and adapter
2,9Pin RS232 communication cable
3, CD with software and data books, etc.
4,9 V output current greater than 300mA DC power supply
Supported devices, AVRICE + ISP-C function
1, support the integrated simulation environment for the AVR Studio 4.13 download version free of charge by ATMEL Corporation. This software can be download in the site AVR Studio. Download or www.Atmel.com Website.
2. AVRICE-+ ISP-C to connect the user target board
Before the start AVR Studio, use the RS232 communication cable AVRICE + ISP-C connection between the host PC and target board, to ensure that the AVRStudio can be completed automatically detect the connection.
Start the AVR Studio can automatically detect the emulator. It should be noted when the AVR Studio can not be shared with other programs serial resources, open AVR Studio to close other programs that use the serial port.