The AVR JTAG interface to use

The AVR JTAG interface to use:
  AVR JTAG emulator is particularly useful in this particular recommendation, it can be for all the mega series with JTAG interface for hardware emulation and software download.
  Just getting started with AVR JTAG emulator is not very clear how to use it. AVR JTAG emulator read instructions in English and Chinese instructions are not very clear its specific use. Through their exploration, it became clear how to use this emulator. In fact, this simulator is very simple to use, is to explain too Roseau, people become increasingly confused. However, the use of this emulator is really a lot of convenience, can achieve hardware emulation and software simulation, the pace of the program, found bugs, the good-assisted debug tools.
Here is to explore the more out of simple to use:
    1, AVR JTAG use environment: AVR Studio 4.07 or later ,9-15DC power supply, PC and the RS232 port.
    2, installed AVR Studio: AVRStudio will install the supplied CD into the CD-ROM, select avrstuio4. 07 directory setup.Exe file, follow the installation wizard's steps can be.
    3, before starting the AVR Studio, the JTAGICE connection between the host PC and target board, to ensure completion of AVR Studio can automatically detect the connection.
    4, emulator and PC connectivity, will be random with the "Serial communication cable," an emulator with the "serial communication port" phase, the other end connecting with the computer, any serial port. Note: AVR Studio can not be shared with other serial port resources programs in AVR Studio before opening to close other programs using the serial port (such as ModeM.IrDA).
    5, JTAGICE connection with the target board: the minimum required six lines to the target board before they can complete the simulation task, they are: TCK, TMS, TDO, TDI, Vref, GND, there are two additional and alternative lead nSRST Vsupply. Pin nTRST not receive, Vsupply function is for the target to JTAGICE power (only the interface part) nSRST role is to monitor the target reset line. However, during the simulation is not necessary. If the application MCUSR JTD bit in the programming, JTAG interface will be close to the target board using the JTAGICE reprogramming. We must control the reset pin.
    6, AVR JTAG emulator connection Summary: AVR JTAG will link the port with the PC by 9-15VDC DC power supply, the AVR JTAG download cable according to (5) method of connection. This emulator is the total connection is complete. At the same time, the target board should be powered up.
    7, when the JTAGICE then after a good turn on the power: in the following order of the power-on operation, to ensure JTAGICE with PC and normal communication between the target board.