PCB copy board service process

  Shenzhen ShengTang PCB copy board services follow the established process standards, when customers demand copy board, PCB copy board first with business contact customer service center for detailed project consulting, our business will be provided through comprehensive communication give you a detailed quote on project cooperation (for some more complex circuit boards, in order to fully protect the interests of customers, to determine a reasonable and fair offer, generally require customers to provide a copy of the motherboard or prototype to be, our professional skills after evaluating personnel conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine a reasonable offer to the customer).

    After mutual agreement and signed a project cooperation agreement, the customer paid the deposit part of the project of the century under the single core officially start the project development process. If a customer needs a manifest file BOM, BOM production department engineers first circuit board split, the removed components made of BOM, and delivered to the material procurement department purchases accurate materials. Technology Engineer copy board the use of PCB copy board software copying files. If the customer needs the system schematics, technical engineers will conduct PCB schematic backstepping file; if the customer needs our system model, the plant will produce a model based on the PCB document; if the customer needs system prototype, the need to provide us with the necessary prototype debugging environment, according to a model made of century-core procurement of components to be welded, and the completion of the prototype-chip debugging, after the completion of the prototype, the prototype of the customer for final confirmation, after confirmation, customer settle the balance of the project, ShengTang All technical data and delivery model or sample, PCB copy board service ended.

PCB copy board service process: