PCB copy board ten questions

 pcb copy board can be understood as copying of electronic products, but there will be slight deviations copy, but does not affect use.

 1. PCB copy board member on the board need to dismantle it?
     If you provide a multilayer circuit board, for example, 4 or 6 layer multilayer board would have to dismantle components. And former board to be dissected experiment, so the board can not return the original customer.
     If you provide a dual-panel can not split elements. But the best elements removed, the reason is that if the removed element to copy board can guarantee 100% success. If you do not, then split element, because there are reasons for blocking circuit elements, we will try to guarantee 100 percent success, but not absolutely 100 percent successful. But generally will not go wrong.

 2. Can not provide schematics, and reached 100% and the original board unanimously it?
     As a result of the schematic drawing is based PCB copy board papers to draw, but is not drawn with a multimeter to measure, draw and finished in the original PCB files than the right, so the connection relationship can be guaranteed to be 100% identical, some of the information easy to find electronics chip, three tubes etc. We did not give him the right pin definitions, but the PCB with numerals such as: 1, 2, 3 feet to define such, thus corresponding to the PCB pin connector relations absolutely correct.

 3. How to ensure 100% correct copy board file?
     In general, there may be a problem copy board where cracked PCB copy board and inspect, we have our own set of perfect process, to ensure that the picture clarity. After a series of checks way to make files, are done by professional staff, so much to ensure the accuracy of the documents in the file produced layers we can provide customers with a clear picture file, it will give the copy board companies or individuals may also be self-validation checks.

 4. PCB copy board after what kind of file format?
     PCB circuit board production file is a file, usually we can provide PROTEL99 PCB copy board PCB document format. Altium Designer Winter version (upgrade version protel99 se) can also be opened. If the customer needs pads2007 file formats can be converted into a file in that format, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the conversion.

 5.PCB copy board time, can be provided with the list of components and component bitmap?
     Our answer of course, you can give us a good circuit boards, electronic components above, we do have a special list of components engineers, production of electronic components for your list. And the original state of scanning your board down, saved as a picture. We will in the welding direction and the picture size of the electronic component specifications and diodes, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits and other electronic components, the dimension text are marked out. And by our experienced engineers for your query IC chip circuit board technical information (DATASHEET), all of the subsequent recovery circuit board soldering and circuit board debugging maintenance, provides a very convenient!

 6, copy board can not do 1: 1 accuracy?
   For accuracy problems copy board, and depends on two aspects, one is the accuracy of the software, one is the original image accuracy.
   DPI meaning how many dots per inch. Each distance between two points is 1000 / DPI, that is to say the unit mil scanned image.
 If the DPI is 800, then the distance between two points on the image is 1000/800 = 1.25 mil, that is to say at this time accuracy is 1.25mil. This is the most scientific basis, so some people say accuracy can reach 1mil or less, it is a prerequisite. In fact, depending on the original copy board precision scanning accuracy. The higher the DPI, the sharper the picture, the higher the accuracy, but the drawback is the picture is too large, the hardware requirements are higher, so be specific settings according to specific circumstances. For the general accuracy of the board generally use 800DPI on the good, the phone boards and the like can be set 1000DPI more.
    In addition, a copy board pcb file we have done to optimize treatment. Because no matter how high the resolution will have a bias, for the production of process requirements, all the files will make some changes (except for customer requirements).

 7, there is no way to prevent it copy board
    Between upgrading current technology, any electronic product can copy board, the only problem is difficult to solve decryption chip (chip program to crack). We recommended to select the latest chip and a dedicated encryption chip.

 8, there is no type of element can help find a replacement of it
 For discontinued or is not a good buy electronic components, our engineers can provide electronic component replacement service related elements.

 9, your information will not be sold to their other customers do
   First, be sure to tell you that your information is confidential and will not be leaked. Because many customers, so customer information can not be permanently saved. After the transfer will generally ensure that your data saved three months, three months after the data will be deleted, not long-term preservation. If you can not find the information on their future, and we do not have to re-do the only charges.
   For the long-term needs of the customer's data processing will continue to preserve the backup, but only to save the scope of cooperation, and cooperation expires or customers do not do, and not saved.

 10, you have a file with another copy board copy board have difference?
    There are a lot of copy board on the market, especially in Shenzhen, but our file copy board is designed with the pcb out of the file is the same (component library packages and network tables), there are some companies just do not have these things pcb files to follow to board and anti schematics provide a lot of trouble. Even short-circuit problems checking out, our file computer can automatically check to ensure the correctness of the file.