What does it mean pcb copy board

  What is it pcb copy board , which answers first before we talk about this explanation by Come on . Two assumptions : First , I need some kind of electronic products , if that Apple phone, our country will need about five thousand dollars can buy, but we do not feel a bit expensive , is very expensive . Second, if we need a set of electronic devices is no domestic or has been discontinued , the original manufacturers no longer produce , or supply cycle is very long, but we like to get breakfast . Out of the question , and that there is no affordable, it is not very long lead times , the best I can produce , how much to produce . Thus arises pcb copy board , just to meet these conditions, he provided only a rigid cost price ( production costs, material costs and labor costs , no additional price branding and advertising , etc. ) .
    pcb copy board is usually referred to the circuit board copy clone or copy clone called pcb board or board copy clone so called nouns . Popular to say that the use of reverse development pcb board design techniques to restore the original circuit board into a kind of production technical information documents (including documents pcb , electronic components inventory , chips crackers and other technical information needed for production ) , and then follow the technical documentation requirements for production , so as to achieve from the sample to the mass production process. Currently, almost all electronic products can not reverse the development, as long as you have the needs of any electronic products can be copied pcb copy board .
    Definition of PCB copy board , industry and academia have a variety of views , but they are not complete , if under the definition of a PCB copy board , Shenzhen Tang Dynasty learn from the authority of the PCB copy board laboratory saying : PCB copy board , which has been in the electronics and circuit board real kind of premise , the use of reverse development of technical means to reverse the board resolution, the original product PCB files , bill of materials (BOM) files , schematics, documentation and other technical documents PCB silk screen production files and a 1:1 reduction , and then use these technical documents and files for PCB production system board , components, welding, flying probe testing, circuit board testing, complete a full copy of the original circuit board template . As electronic products are made of various types of circuit boards composed of core control parts work , therefore , the use of such a process PCB copy board , to be completed with generic clone any electronic products and full technical information extraction products .
 Many people misunderstand the concept of the PCB copy board , in fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the copy board industry , today's PCB copy board concept has been extended wider range , no longer limited to simple circuit board copying and cloning R & D will involve secondary product development and new products. For example , through the analysis of existing product technical documentation , design ideas, structural features , such as the understanding of technology and explore the feasibility analysis and can provide a reference for the development of competitive new products designed to assist in the timely follow up the latest research and design units technology trends , timely adjustment of improved product design, research and development of new products in the most competitive markets . Meanwhile , PCB copy board process by extracting and some modifications to the technical data file, you can achieve rapid upgrading and secondary development of various types of electronic products, according to the extracted files pcb copy board diagram and schematic design professionals can according to the wishes of customers and to optimize the design of the PCB board, on this basis, can add new features to the product redesign or functional characteristics , such products with new features will be the fastest and unveiled a new attitude not only has its own intellectual property rights , but also the opportunity to win the market , to bring customers is twofold benefit.
  Currently, when a number of PCB copy board design services companies uneven efforts to survive in the market , the pursuit of profits, a few companies have begun to establish the position at a higher level , to become the industry leader in the field , one of the most successful and largest technical strongest, most comprehensive services in Shenzhen Tang Dynasty to the number of science and technology in the domestic first reverse the rise of civil R & D team organized . Their success proves , PCB copy board tremendous energy. This energy is not only a copy board design services for businesses, but also for the entire electronics market as well as IT industry is concerned , because objectively they push the technological capabilities of Chinese enterprises, completely broke the technical barriers.
    Summary : pcb copy board is the use of anti- reverse engineering techniques to extract the circuit board PCB file, and then reverse pcb schematic files based on file , BOM files. So as to achieve a complete set of identical cloned reverse the circuit board. PCB copy board values ​​: the lowest cost of research and development at the forefront of electronic product solutions . PCB copy board advantages: short cycle, low cost , high return.