Copy board PCB copy board written copy Tutorials

   This article is written by the copy board PCB copy board copy tutorial on board copy board member and copy out the whole presentation of the scope of this article . PCB copy board, is the use of technical means to reverse the board reverse analysis, the original electronic circuit board to restore the physical operation of 1:1 , you can get the pcb file volume .
Tools and materials
Need copy board board model , scanners , digital cameras, iron and solder, air guns, suction tin , washer water , sandpaper , copy board soft Quickpcb (PROTEL99SE software )
Copy board procedures and methods
Step One: First, take pictures with a digital camera , then mark all models of electronic components , parameters and location , especially direction diode , three tubes , IC pay attention not see the gap .

Step Two : Using a soldering iron to remove all the guns wind components, vias and pads in excess solder use suction tin removed. With washer water clean, and then into the scanner , the scanner when scanning should be slightly raised about the pixels to get a clearer picture of the board . Paper yarn and then the top and bottom slightly polished, shiny polished to a copper film , scanned into the scanner again clearer picture.

Third step: use PHOTOSHOP and other image processing software to adjust the picture contrast correction , shading to make it more clear, the chart saved as BMP format. If you find a problem with the graphics , continue to adjust , anyway, you do not need to adjust .

Step four: Open the copy board software Quickpcb scanned image before inserting a layer of pictures , now you can see what you want to copy board PCB copy board software in a window inside, then that is a little bit Pro describe it. Pro scan was completed over a layer , and then insert another layer describes the clinical picture continues . And so all the layers over the entire Pro depiction of a real circuit board is complete.

Step Five : For the multi-layer circuit board copy board is the same, continuous fourth step on it.

Step Six: The final step is to see if the comparison is wrong, if true , even if successful .

Summary: The above is a simple circuit board copy board process. Single-sided and double-sided is the easiest , plywood is more complicated , so the board mobile phone board is more complex , there is Blind-via/Buried-via very easy to make mistakes if not done better not to copy the phone's circuit board , or to copy board to professional people to do it. Shenzhen Tang Dynasty is a good choice. About electronic copy board copy machine we will talk about next .