Copy board software QuickPcb2005 free registration code download

QuickPcb2005 is a professional copy board software, it can be placed directly on the scanned map element, the element of arbitrary angle, preview, walk the line and the automatic capture grid, functional elements can be comparable with the PROTEL, and the file format compatible with PROTEL. QUICKPCB2005 supports arbitrary layer blind and buried vias, self-made functional element, vector character etc, is a powerful independent software.
Software interface and keyboard shortcuts with most PCB design engineers operating habits, you do not need to learn the new software tools available copy board.
QuickPcb2005 copy board software interface:
QuickPcb2005 copy board software language settings interface:
Functional copy board software and use the:
Place the pad, hole, line, arc, vias, components, FILL, POLYGON, text;
The element attribute set, grid settings;
The CTRL key to automatically capture grid with the element center;
SHIFT to select, to select, copy, delete, shear, rotation, mirror and repeat function;
32 layer setting function, zoom;
Setting arbitrary origin;
Design precision: 1mil;
With the B2P format, can read BMP, JPG images, can be automatically read BMP resolution.
The calculator function call system;
Rotation and mirroring replication after;
Display a small "+" word cursor function selection element moves;
The three point arc function;
The array functions;
Aliquots function;
Chamfer function;
Rounding function
Display element package name function element attribute;
Place the element rotation, rotation function default and placement;
Open other files to save that function;
Open / close and close the ALL function in B2P:
Layer management and color management function;
The current priority display layer function:
Shortcut key function.
Multi language version (file Chinese, English, simplified and traditional Chinese)
The heart function will be more automated in actual use in your surprise you feel
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