Whether the copy of the electronic products legally and how does it work

   The application status of electronic products has covered around our lives, has been inseparable from electronic products. : Our side of the computer, mobile phone mobile phones, microwave ovens, cars, air-conditioning, no leaf fan, etc., have been inseparable, and leave the day it would be hard, and even disrupt our normal thinking, do not believe, you might try one day without with a telephone, a day without a computer. We will think day Liushenwuzhu, time is too slow and very slow.

    Why copy electronic products, the main reasons:

    Equipment has very old and has been discontinued for a long time, has been discontinued (or electronic components there is no way to continue maintenance) manufacturers do not want to continue to provide after-sales service, the cost of the product itself is very expensive replacement funds too large.

    Second, electronic products, after-sales service costs are too high. For example, previously imported equipment, high-end equipment, broken or glitches need to ask manufacturers maintenance engineers who travel, ticket fees, and all costs are paid by the client, causing great customer spending.

    Third, the imports of high cost and long delivery cycles. Domestic products had to choose an alternative, however, the country has no alternative products.

    Fourth, there are quite a lot of demand, but the manufacturers are reluctant to cut prices none other to the client, so the client wanted to see if he can do it can not.

    Shenzhen Tang specialized in electronic products, hardware and software technology products the reverse technology development and research technology enterprise, we have a number of years of work in the field of professional PCB design, PCB copy board, chip decryption software decrypt the BOM table making special chips

Parameter analysis of engineering and technical personnel, mainly: single-sided, double-sided, up to 30-layer PCB copy board (Copy, copy), PCB design, SI analysis, EMC design, PCB to board, schematic design and BOM single production, PCB production, prototyping and technical debugging

Small quantities of finished products, the processing of large quantities of the product's functional testing and other technical services, also provide application software, system software, embedded systems software, hardware design, and hardware driver development services. To its inception, has been times by customers

Assessment, we welcome every new and old customers and friends in a professional, quality service.
    Tang Technology has experienced professional PCB copy board design laboratory. Specializing in two-sided, four to twenty-eight-layer circuit board (PCB copy board, copy, copy), change the pcb board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, product processing. There are very multi-layer PCB board

Detailed understanding and a thorough understanding of the containing laser hole, blind hole, buried vias, high-end the PCB board structure and alignment rules of understanding is one-upmanship. Both intensive components throughout microstrip lines, computer motherboards and other long-term, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network device substrate, or on

High-frequency processing demanding, strict control of electromagnetic compatibility PHS motherboard, mobile phone motherboard, wireless LAN and other wireless communications equipment, as well as stacked as many as 28 layers, The blind hole buried vias clouds industrial motherboards, we can provide the basis for of a good model (or prototype)

Time sample success. We as Shenzhen PCB copy board (all kinds of board PCB copy board), to board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, prototyping debug, small quantities of finished processing train new scientific and technological enterprises, based on customer containing intact components

The schematic model for the production of the product into the readability comparable with the design of the original image.

    Since its inception, our long-term service in the field of communications, network, power, industrial, medical, instrumentation, military products, computer peripherals and other high-tech production technology on international the most advanced SMOBC process, strict implementation of ISO9002 quality system requirements

Pursuing a "never satisfied with the products manufactured for customers" business purposes, to fully implement the quality policy of "quality, reputation, service".

   The best Tang reminder, the electronic replication infringement doubts, so needs to be done to pay special attention to friends copy electronic products.