Infineon non contactless bank card project security chip

  Before the German Banking Commission (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft) announced the proposed project "girogo" - Europe's largest non-contact pay system pilot projects in these cities. Currently, surpassing the 1.3 million users of banks and savings banks will be in a lot of shops and gas stations, the use of convenient non-contact credit card equipment, rapid briefly pay a total of less than 20 euros. Obtain German Banking Committee approval the produced integrated peace chip of Infineon Technologies, a global leader for this new non-contact bank cards.

   Girogo bank card is a so-called dual-interface card: Users simply pierce the card swipe machine, they can still be used for contactless pay. Pay a non-contact, customers no longer have their bank card pierce the credit card machine. Simply bank card with a non-contact chip, in front of the reader in the cashier sweep, will be able to easily complete the pay. The customer does not need to sign or enter a PIN secret code to complete pay a blink of an eye. Application of non-contact skills, the customer can be rapid, convenient to complete the small pay of a total of less than 20 euros.

   Dr. Andreas Martin, a member of the German cooperative banks Federal Association Council (BVR), said: "this blend the girogo function of the new non-contact bank card, promised customers even more convenient, moving rapidly to complete the small pay of a total of less than 20 euros project for Germany. Girogo pay the further development of the system, the foundation of a solid foundation. "

   Unless contactless pay the outside, Girogo bank cards also support mature contactless pay trick. The German Banking Committee Ping requirements, is recognized as the most severe global peace specification. Thus, the Infineon peace moderation is many years ago already content with these requirements.

   The chip card Infineon Technologies AG and safe business department president Dr. Stefan Hofschen, pointed out: "Infineon is the world's first to fit the high peace specifications German Banking Committee, and Germany's new bank card targets non-contact functional requirements of the chip maker. highlighting preemptive skills, expertise in the areas of peace and non-contact communication. "

   Carried out towards the chip card market trends are plain and simply magnetic stripe cards to carry out specific subdue the trend. Global shipments in 2012, the the Eurosmart objective pull, pay pay card - embracing non-contact chip-based cards - the breaking 1.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19%. Also, increasingly muster dual interface card and contactless pay the card greatly exceed those of the potential. Analysis According to the German Banking Committee, the chip is the introduction of pay card use, on reducing the power of the fraud rate is not a no. The declaration said, the 2011 initiative teller machines data theft case more than 45% reduction from last year.