And how reasonable calculation pcb copy board price

  Pcb board copy board (commonly known as: printed circuit board copy) price calculation, we have been the heart a mystery, in the end is how to calculate it? Why some companies reported to me the prices are high, some low it. The following is a discussion of long-term customer relationships, technology Tang has been reached about the calculation of the price of the copy board:

  1, calculated according to market standards, the routine is 0.5 yuan / solder joints. (Two points of a resistor, diode on three points). Vias regardless of how many are not. As a long time in the previous array's position to communicate with customers. Some customers or not willing to accept this
Calculated. Also reluctant to sample sent by the company, and then to be quoted. I introduced the Secretary to see sample diagram directly quotes. Reasonable prices, will be able to co-operation.

  2, single-sided pcb board will be under 100 / minimum consumption; FPC copy board 250 yuan / models. Reinforcement and more, the entire board is black oil or white oil coverage. Will be the actual situations pricing; four-layer, multi-layer pcb board all pictures offer.

  3, Division I, professional, fast standard will cost to complete the whole process of the copy board. The way errors Division I all responsibility. Rewritten and re-proofing to do things the guidelines; until normal commissioning date. But please collaboration every rest assured that we are professional (Note: individual components of the debugging process may damage the Division I take no responsibility.)

  4, I do in conjunction pcb processing, pcb proofing, circuit board copy board, circuit board to board, pcb design, schematic, prototype debugging developers, chip processing range of services. And to preserve the accuracy of 100%.

  5 high high quality and efficient service is a Division I of the measure. Please rest assured, welcome to contact Shenzhen Tang. Mr. Lee: 13312951006 qq: 1480358053 0755-83529610.