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    Our goal: To build long-established and become world-class design company
    Our enterprise spirit: Integrity, dedication, pursuit of perfection
    Our business philosophy: Quality is the guarantee of credibility, reputation is the soul
    Join our idea: Talent is the company's first productivity
    Our position in the industry: Technology and the most powerful, the scale and impact of the largest PCB design, chip analysis and prototype production of a model of enterprise
    Our research focus is the reverse: We have solved many of the most PCB design counterparts can not solve the key technical problems, has served many well-known companies and leading research institutions
    Our development goals and aspirations: Because we have such a business in China, so greatly reduced in China and foreign-made technology leadership gap
    Our studio was founded starting point: Through North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea new technology product companies such as core technology Yanjiu, Wei Chinese companies offer legal, Zhuan Ye and rapid technological services Bangzhu them out of the devastating speed Kai Fa --- Made in China.
     Tang R & D Center News: Tang Technology has more than 50 full-time employees, gathered a group of rich practical experience of engineers. We will rely on electronic technology Tang strong R & D strength, by virtue of solidarity capable staff, and customers to establish long-term relationship, customers in the homeland river north and south and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, Europe and other countries. Tang R & D center is in the information technology hardware and software products and modules of technical studies, technical analysis and implementation of core technology research and reverse research in the field, with extensive practical experience in electronic product development lab, senior professional, professional engaged in market technical analysis, technical options analysis, cost estimates, software and hardware architecture design, implementation of specific programs, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, product processing and other high-tech electronic product solutions. Tang set up R & D center is designed to meet the special needs of domestic and foreign customers, while helping them to domestic and international arena to have outstanding performance. Joint research and development with customers, knowledge transfer and training of local IT talent, which the three R & D center will help speed up the development of China's electronics industry to contribute. Tang technology which in the past 10 years, Tang has been assisting domestic and foreign science and technology of electronic customers reliable, efficient and economical means to run their electronic products. We understand that to meet the requirements of the rapid development of domestic and foreign markets, our long-term commitment, partnership and commitment to the development of localization need to meet the appropriate technical level and technical strength. We will combine their expertise and skills of partners to help customers achieve competitive advantage in the international. Tang has operated R & D center in Shenzhen Huaqiang North of this strategically important, it will fully utilize and develop China's e-capital resources, skills and talent. Based in Shenzhen, to open up the world.

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