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   Science and Technology of the ShengTang Dynasty is China's leading electronic design, production and processing integration service quality service providers. Authority pcb design, pcb copy board / board to change, electrical schematics, decryption chip, prototype debugging, the electronics industry of the LCD module development authority center was established in 2010, is a professional commitment to high-speed PCB design companies, providing our customers with high-speed PCB HSPICE and IBIS high-speed signal integrity simulation analysis, PCB Design Layout, EMC design, PCB fabrication, chip decryption, PCB assembly a Long service.
     Shenzhen ShengTang Technology specializes in single-sided, four to 30 eight PCB design, SI, EMC design, PCB copy board (Copy, copy), the PCB to board, schematic design and BOM single production, PCB production, prototyping production and technical testing, small batch processing of large quantities of product functional testing and other technical service work, the finished product also provides the application software, system software, embedded system software, hardware design and hardware driver development services. The company has more than once in the PCB design layout for many years engineers have extremely thorough understanding of the multi-layer PCB board containing the laser hole, blind hole, and buried in a hole high-end PCB board structure and alignment rules understanding one-upmanship. Whether intensive components all over the microstrip lines, computer motherboards and other long-term, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network device substrate, or demanding high-frequency processing, electromagnetic compatibility strict control of the PHS motherboard, motherboard of mobile phones, wireless LAN and other wireless communications equipment, and stacked up to 20 layers, blind hole buried vias over the industrial motherboard, we can be based on the customers to provide a good model (or prototype) one-time clone.
    Design professional, standardized, high-quality, high efficiency and to pursue with customers, upstream and downstream partners, the industrial chain of win-win results. My company has a complete set of PCB design specifications and strict design and quality standards, schematic diagram according to the customer and the structure (or electronic documentation), fast and accurate design customers required PCB, not only to save customers valuable development time, and to help customers win more business opportunities. PCB cloning, to board, the production of schematic and BOM list, PCB production, prototyping debug small quantities of finished processing one-stop service-oriented enterprise can provide the basis for a model with the integrity of components to make the product schematic the readability of the mapping can be comparable with the design artwork. Our professional-level precision measuring equipment, devices Mark clearly visible under the premise of providing customers with comprehensive information parts lists (BOM list). Long-term cooperation with the Division I PCB manufacturers with 20 or more layers of plywood, multi-level laser blind buried plate production capacity can be high-volume processing line width away from 3mil (0.075mm), aperture 4mil (0.10mm) high Precision PCB board production capacity of 50 000 square meters or more per month multilayer. Division I is more than engage in electronic product design and development years of hardware and software engineers, and samples of electronic products, debugging has extensive experience in mass production is also quite understand.
    Since the founding of the Tang Dynasty, has always pursued: "quality first, fast service, quality and speed of achievement of customer value," the purpose to all customers for all customers "business philosophy, Jen together, self-discipline, progressive spirit of enterprise customers to solve all technical problems, efficient, fast and technical services for customers to win market so that customers have sufficient confidence in the business philosophy, we have won the trust and support of many businesses in the market competition for the The company established a good market image and reputation.
We have that: professional and technical personnel, and dedicated customer service staff to the music, the perfect order management, stable long-term manufacturer support!
  Our commitment is to: the credibility eternal first, is always striving for quality, for customers to solve all technical problems for customers to win a majority of the market!
Company purpose: quality first, fast service, quality and speed, the achievement of customer value.
Business philosophy: all customers, in order to one of the customers.
The spirit of enterprise: Ren together, self-discipline, and aggressive.
Our commitment: credibility of the eternal first, quality first fight forever.
 To create technology for the mission! To technological innovation and achieve win-win for guidance, and actively promoting industrial progress, we will be the first time you meet your needs!

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