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  • 1,ShengTang clients all Vip customers enjoy the most high-end services: each step is a professional engineer to provide you with professional service.
  • 2, Short project cycle: a rigorous design process, improve the quality assurance system is our guarantee.
  • 3, High-quality assurance: the assurance of reasonable operating costs, is to provide low-cost high-end services for more customers.
  • 4, Tang, set design, production, testing, and one-stop service, after-sales service guarantee.
  • 5, A mechanical engineer in the mechanical structure and design, to ensure the appearance of the product.
  • 6, In particular Recommendation: In addition to Tang, who is the better choice! Please select the Tang it!

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  • pcb circuit board designpcb circuit board design
  • pcb circuit board copypcb circuit board copy
  • Prototype debuggingPrototype debugging
  • Program to develop customizedProgram to develop customized
  • Dip plug-in, SMT,COB binding plusDip,SMT,COB binding plus

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